What’s all this then?


This first post is essentially a violent regurgitation of the About The Button Pusher page above.

I am a photographer from Perth, Western Australia.

Here is a picture of me accidentally firing an off-camera flash into the lens while looking scruffy and unshaven.

Portrait of the artist as a dork

Does this make you want to hire me to photograph your wedding? I know. I’m excited too. It’s going to be such a special day. All about the three of us.

I’m not exactly sure what sort of stuff I’m going to write about on this here blog. I have a feeling some of it may be slightly photography-nerd stuff, but I’ll also try to post some pictures as they happen, and then integrate them into the galleries on the main page. It’ll sort itself out.

I haven’t yet thought too much about where all this is heading.

Do I want to sell seascape pictures on canvas mounts? Yeah, that’d be cool – contact me if you want one and I’ll give you some prices (sorry only the seascapes are up for grabs at the moment; the shots of the kids certainly aren’t up for sale, and don’t worry Essie I’m not selling your pre-wedding shots!).

Am I looking to do weddings / portraits / family or group shots? Sure. Give me a shout.

Do I want to photograph your missus in the boudoir? Already taken care of.

Am I interested in a spare media pass to the next World Cup? Let me check my di… Yes.

Ok, that’s about it in terms of an intro. Let me know what you think.



P.S. Some folks have asked whether I might provide a link to some of the assorted detritus from the ruins of my music career. If you must.

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